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Summer 2020

Season Starts: Wednesday, July 8

Season Ends: Saturday, September 19

DivisionGame FormatBirth YearsSchedule



Wednesdays: 5:20 PM - 6:20 PM
Saturdays: 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM



Wednesdays: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM      Saturdays: 2:55 PM - 3:55 PM

Wednesdays: 5:20 PM - 6:20 PM       Saturdays: 2:55 PM - 3:55 PM


Wednesdays: 7:40 PM - 8:40 PM            Fridays: 6:35 PM
2008Wednesdays: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM            Fridays: 6:35 PM







Wednesdays: 7:40 PM - 8:40 PM

Fridays: 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM
8U - 16U
Skater Paid In Full$350 At Registration
Skater Split Payment
$187.50 At Registration
$187.50 Auto Pay on August 7
Skater Payment Plan


Goalie Paid In Full$175 at registration

All players must register and pay in advance - In Full or Payment Plan.  Online registration is required to select the Split Payment or Payment Plan.  

Walk-ons are not permitted in the PYHL.

Players are grouped by birth year as shown in the table above.
Practices are skill based: skating, stick handling, passing and shooting.  A cross ice format is used during games, as playing in a smaller area accelerates skill development and sharpens hockey instincts.  Game rules and player positioning are introduced.
Practices are primarily skill based.  Positioning and basic team strategies are added.  Games are played on half ice.

12U -


Players should have a proficient knowledge of game rules and position requirements.  More time is spent on offensive and defensive strategies to introduce flow into team play.  Skill development is still essential and will continue to account for a substantial share of practice time.  If the player is a 14U player, you must complete the USA Hockey Play Up Request Form.  This form may be submitted at the rink or emailed to Jared Gaudet.
Hockey is a Contact Sport: While games are non-checking, hockey is a physical sport with incidental and intentional contact.  Players are taught at all levels to use their bodies to gain and maintain control of the puck and to gain position over other players.  Many PYHL players advance to more competitive leagues where checking is permitted, so our players must be prepared for the physical elements of the game.  For players age ten and up, we strongly recommend that you visit our Concussion Management Page.
All division games consist of three, 16 minute run time periods followed by a shootout if necessary.

SEASONS:  The Pineville Youth Hockey League runs year round and has three seasons:  Fall, Spring and Summer.  Each season is independent of the previous season.  Teams and player enrollments do not carry over from one season to the next.

GAMES AND PRACTICES:  The first two to three weeks of the League consist of practices only so that coaches can evaluate players and create balanced teams.  Once players are placed on teams, the League has a weekly one practice, one game schedule. 

LEAGUE CONTACT:   Jared Gaudet, Hockey Development Manager, 704-661-6219​ or

REQUIREMENTS TO PLAY:  Players should first complete Pineville's Learn To Skate and Learn To Play classes or comparable classes elsewhere.  Players that have not taken these classes but demonstrate proficient skating and hockey skills may participate in the League.  Players must be enrolled in the league and fully paid.  Walk-ons are not permitted. Players must wear full protective gear.  For more information concerning what gear is required please consult our Hockey Gear Guide.  Players must have a current USA Hockey registration.

USA HOCKEY REGISTRATION & NUMBER SUBMISSION:  A USA Hockey registration must be current and on file at the time of registration.  All USA Hockey registrations expire on August 31st of each year.  Players can register and pay at the following link:  Register For USA Hockey.  All fees go directly to USA Hockey and provide players with supplemental insurance in the event that they are injured while playing in a USA Hockey sanctioned event.  Registration also provides USA Hockey membership benefits which can be reviewed at their website.  Click the button below to submit your USA Hockey number.

COACHES:  Pineville Youth Hockey selects coaches based on their qualifications, coaching and playing experience, character, and commitment to youth hockey.  Please fill out our online Coaching Application to apply.

PLAYER AND PARENT CONDUCT:  The Pineville Youth Hockey League will not tolerate from its players, coaches, parents or guardians:  fighting; deliberate actions on or off the ice that can lead to injury; destruction or damage of any property or facility; conduct that disrupts team practices, games, events; or conduct that reflects negatively upon the image of Pineville Youth Hockey.  A player suspension or total expulsion from the Pineville Youth Hockey program may be used if deemed necessary and is at the sole discretion of the Pineville Ice House.

If you are new to the Pineville Ice House, please review our Rules, Safety, Risks & Disclaimers.

Pineville youth hockey League Overview  

The Pineville Youth Hockey League (PYHL) is a recreational hockey league for youth players

through age 16.  All age levels are non-checking.  Practices and League games are held at the

Pineville Ice House.  All PYHL regular and exhibition games will be posted on the team website

schedule at