By participating in any event at the Pineville Ice House, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions below.  Parents or legal guardians consent to these terms and conditions on behalf of minors in their custody. This consent is binding even if the parent or guardian is not on premises with the minor.

  • Risk of Injury or Death - The risk of injury from the activities involved in ice skating, figure skating, hockey, or other ice sports and off ice activities is significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death.  While rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist.
  • Risk of Contracting a Disease, Virus, Cold, Flu or Other Illness - Our facility is open to the general public year round, and our facility draws customers from across the United States and from other countries.  When you enter our facility or are anywhere on our premises, you are at risk of contracting a disease, virus, cold, flu or other illness from exposure to general conditions or other people.
  • You are Liable - The Pineville Ice House is not liable for any injury caused by ice skating or any other activity on or off the ice, inside or around the facility, or anywhere within property limits.  We are not liable for any disease, virus, cold flu or other illness contracted while on our premises.
  • Medical Care - If you are injured while at this facility, we may provide first aid supplies and care or we may call for an ambulance.  We offer no guarantees or assurances around the quality, availability or timeliness of such care.  You have the right to refuse any care offered.
  • Medical Expenses - You are responsible for all expenses incurred to treat injuries including ambulance charges, hospital visits, doctor visits, and any other short or long term costs related to treating and rehabilitating from an injury.  We pay no customer medical expenses, insurance deductibles, or ancillary costs.


                       Pets          Smoking
                    Fighting     Weapons
                    Profanity     Outside Food
                    Vandalism     Reckless or Rude Conduct


Carry children while skating

Dig holes in or damage the ice

Enter ice surface during resurfacingEnter the ice surface in shoes
Take food or drinks onto the ice surfaceThrow snow, ice, or any other object
Take balls, toys, or similar objects onto the ice surfaceSkate in the opposite direction of other skaters


Young children must be

accompanied by an adult.

Unaccompanied minors must be

in skates and actively skating.

Loitering inside or outside

the rink is not permitted.

The center of the ice is reserved for

figure skaters and instructors.

Please return rental skates to the

skate counter when finished skating.

Please throw away snack bar trash and debris.
  • No Trespassing - You are trespassing on our property if you enter the ice surface without paying the event admission charge or enrollment fee.  A North Carolina § 14-159.13 Second Degree Trespass is a Class 3 Misdemeanor and punishable by a fine or imprisonment.
  • Right to Refuse Service or Recharge - We may refuse admission to, or eject customers that engage in reckless, rude, or disorderly conduct or that disobey posted or stated rules.  If you leave the rink, we reserve the right to recharge you for admission.

​​​​​​risk, rules & disclaimers 

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