400 Towne Centre Blvd Pineville NC 28134 US

Pineville Falcons            Off Ice Training


The Pineville Falcons will incorporate age appropriate off-ice training programs in a fun and safe environment to enhance team unity and individual player development while maximizing ice utilization.


  • Customized dynamic warm-up for each team to utilize prior to each training session, practice and game to improve group dynamics and prepare individuals for maximum performance with minimal ice usage for warm-ups

  • Replicating hockey-specific movements will enhance on-ice development and muscle memory to improve performance

  • Improve agility, balance, and hand-eye coordination

  • Increase flexibility to enhance injury prevention, range of motion and skating stride length

  • Improve overall foot speed, quickness, and reaction time

  • Increased explosiveness to improve overall speed and performance

  • Build confidence of each individual player to enhance performance and team results

  • Teach proper breathing techniques to improve VO2

  • Promote general health, proper nutrition, and hydration

  • Enhance overall strength, conditioning and endurance as well as recovery

Recommended Training Clothing & Equipment

  • All players must wear training shoes or sneakers.  Flip flops are not permitted.

  • Shorts & T-shirt or sweats
  • Water bottle and towel


Sessions will be listed on your team schedule.