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adult pickup hockey 




  • Open and Advanced sessions are for skaters age 15 and older.
  • Novice & Intermediate sessions are for skaters age 18 and up.
  • Session format is typically 75 minutes with registration available for 20 skaters and three goalies.
  • Full gear is required.  Helmets with facial protection are highly recommended.
  • Skaters should have a white jersey and a clearly dark jersey for each session.  Avoid yellow or light colors.
  • Sessions are non checking.  Conduct that is dangerous, reckless or disruptive may lead to an immediate ejection with no refund and a temporary or permanent suspension from Pickup Hockey events.
  • Register for sessions suitable to your level of play.  See SKILL LEVELS section for more information.
Admission & Registration
  • Advance online registration is required, and players must check in upon entering the rink.
  • Skater admission is $15 each for a five or more package purchase or $20 for a single package purchase.  Purchases are non refundable.
  • Goalie admission is $5 each for a five package purchase or $10 for a single package.
  • Registration closes at the start time or when the session fills.
  • Reservations may be canceled up to 24 hours in advance.  The package is returned to your account for future use.​
  • ​If you are new to our online registration process or have questions, please review our Self Service Account Instructions.



  • Play at the appropriate level.  We may eject players deemed too skilled or not skilled enough for a particular session.
  • Advanced - For players with professional, collegiate, junior, prep or travel hockey experience.  This level is comparable to Pineville A, B and C1 leagues.  Sessions are not suited to beginner or novice players.
  • Novice/Intermediate - All players should have proficient skating skills but may be limited as to hockey skills and experience.  This level is comparable to Pineville C3 and C2 leagues.
  • Open - Sessions are suited to intermediate to advanced players.  Sessions are not appropriate for beginners.
If you are new to the Pineville Ice House, please read our Rules, Safety, Risks & Disclaimers.