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​​​​​​adult League house rules 



Each game is allotted 75 minutes to complete the warm up, regulation play, period breaks, timeouts and, if necessary, overtime.  The Curfew Clock starts at the scheduled game time or when the ice surface is available to players - whichever is later.
Warm UpTeams get a three minute warm up before the start of the game.  Players may not enter the ice until the resurfacing doors are closed.

Games consist of three, 15 minute stopped time periods subject to the following exceptions:

  • Run time will apply in the third period if the goal differential is five or more.  If the goal differential drops to four, then stopped time will resume. 
  • If the game time equals the Curfew time, running time will be applied for the remainder of the game.  The last two minutes of the game, however, will be stopped time if there is a two goal differential or less, regardless of the Curfew.
Between PeriodsTeams get a one minute break between periods.
TimeoutsEach team has one, 30 second time out per game.  This timeout may be used during Regulation or Overtime.
PlayoffsThe curfew does not apply for semifinal or championship games.
Before OvertimeTeams get a one minute break between the end of Regulation and the start of Overtime.
Four on FourOvertime is played as four on four.
Game ClockOvertime is a five minute period, and Curfew rules apply.  The last minute of Overtime is stopped time regardless of the curfew.
Sudden DeathThe game ends immediately if a goal is scored.
ShootoutRegular Season and Playoffs.
  • A shootout is used to determine a winner if the game is still tied after Overtime.  Teams must use all players before a player is repeated.
  • The Shootout will consist of three players initially.  If there is no goal differential after three players, then one player from each team shoots until there is a goal differential.

Championship Game 

  • 10 minute four on four
  • 5 minute three on three
  • Three player shootout
  • All other regular rules apply
MinorTwo minutes.
Double MinorFour minutes.
MajorFive minutes.
MisconductA Misconduct may be assigned in addition to one of the above penalties.  If a player receives a Misconduct, then he or she must serve an additional ten minute penalty after the expiration of the first penalty.  The team adds another player to the ice after the first penalty expires.
Game MisconductThe player is immediately ejected for the game.  Another player for the team must serve the penalty in place of the ejected player.
Goalie PenaltyThe goalie  remains in play. A player that was on the ice at the time of the penalty must serve the penalty for the goalie.
CoincidentalTwo minutes.  Players released upon next whistle after expiration.
Running TimeAll penalties become running time if the Game Clock changes to running time.
Overtime Penalties
  • Penalties received during Regulation will carry over into Overtime.  The game will be played as a four on three until the penalty expires.
  • Five on Three - If a team has a five on three advantage at the end of Regulation, then Overtime will be played as five on three until a player is released. Upon the next whistle, the game will revert to four on three or four on four (if both players have been released).
Ejections and Suspensions
  • Four Penalties In A Single Game = A player is immediately ejected from the game.
  • ​Four Penalties In A Single Game (One being a Misconduct) = One game suspension.
  • Four Penalties In A Single Game (One being a Game Misconduct) = Ejection from the current game plus two game suspension.
  • Four Penalties In Two Games, Same Season = A player is suspended for the remainder of the season.
  • Abuse of an Official = Three game suspension.
  • Major Penalty For Fighting = Three game suspension.
  • Major Penalty For Fighting + Instigator = Four game suspension.
  • First to Intervene (third man in) = Suspension will match those of other offending players.
  • Second Fighting Suspension = Season or permanent league suspension.
  • Two Game Misconducts, Same Season = Player suspended for the remainder of the season.
  • Game With A Game Misconduct + Game With Four Penalties, Same Season, Separate Games = Player suspended for the remainder of the season.
  • Suspensions not served by the completion of a season will apply to the player in the next season for which he or she registers.
  • The Pineville Ice House staff may eject, suspend, or ban a player from a game or the rink property if that player is deemed to be disruptive, reckless, or dangerous. 
No SubstitutesAll players must be on the team roster.  No player substitutions are allowed during Regular Season or Playoff games.  Goalie substitutions may be permitted with the approval of the Hockey Director.  Player substitutions for Consolation or Bye-Week games must be approved in advance by the Hockey Director.
Entering The IcePlayers and officials must wait until the resurfacing doors are closed before entering the ice surface.
PlayoffsEach player must play 1/3 of the regular season, (5 games in a 14 game regular season) to be eligible for playoffs.
USA Hockey RulesUSA Hockey rules are in effect for all Adult League games played.
No AlcoholNo alcoholic beverages are permitted on the player benches.
Standings Sort Order

Points, head to head, wins, scoring quotient 

Top & Bottom Bracket
  • Championship Bracket -  Semifinals will consist of seed 1 vs. seed 4 and seed 2 vs. seed 3.  Winners of semifinal games will advance to the championship.
  • Consolation Bracket -  Games will consist of seed 5 vs. seed 8 and seed 6 vs. seed 7.  Winners will advance to the consolation finals.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners of both brackets. 
  • Losing teams will play consolation games.