Answers to our most frequently asked questions are listed below.  More information regarding our Pineville Falcons Travel Hockey program can be found on the

Pineville Falcons Overview Page.  You may also direct questions to our Hockey Development Manager, Jared Gaudet at or 704-661-6219.

When Are Tryouts and how do I register my player?

Tryouts take place every Spring.  Specific dates and times for each age division are announced on the Pineville Falcons Overview Page and via email.  Join our Customer Mailing List for tryout announcements.  A link to register for tryouts will be available on the Pineville Falcons Overview Page.

How can my player prepare for Tryouts?

We offer Spring Clinics that act as an opportunity for players to become acquainted with travel hockey and Falcons coaches.  Available Camps and Clinics can be found on our website under the Youth Hockey dropdown.

Is my player ready for Travel Hockey?

One way to tell if your player is ready is to ask their current coaches.  Their coach can offer advice on where they are and which skills to work on in order to better prepare them for tryouts.  We also encourage you to attend a Falcons game at your player's age group to get a better feel for the nature of Travel Hockey.

How many travel teams do you have?

We usually have at least one to two teams per age group.  The number of teams and competition level of each team can vary from year to year due to the turnout at tryouts.

How long is the season?

Team practices start in June and games may be played as early as August.  The season ends in mid-March.

How many practices and games can I expect?

Expect two practices per week and between 30-40 games throughout the season.  Tournament weekends may be comprised of four or more games.

Can my player play another sport during the Travel Hockey season?

Many players participate in other sports while playing travel hockey.  Practice and game dates are posted far in advance, so families can compare schedules to determine if playing two sports at the same time is manageable.  Our coaches expect players to attend practices and games, so recurring conflicts may be difficult for the player and team.  However, our coaches are typically flexible when conflicts are minimal and communicated well in advance.

What league do your teams compete in?

Our Falcons teams play in Carolinas Hockey League (CHL).  

How many players are on each team?

A typical roster is 13 - 18 players. 

How much does Travel Hockey cost?

Player fees range from $3,200 - $4,000 per season and typically include all practices, games, uniforms, team warmups and an equipment bag.  This does not include individual travel costs such as gas, hotels, or meals.

How many weekends will require overnight stays?

Depending on how many out of town tournaments your team decides to attend, you can expect 5 - 10 overnight stays per season.  Teams are often scheduled to play one out of town opponent twice in one day to consolidate the amount of travel.  These overnight stays are a great bonding opportunity for players and parents and often include fun outings such as team dinners.

What apparel will my player receive?

Uniforms are designed and purchased as an association each year.  This includes home and away jerseys and socks, shell, team bag, and warmups.  Additional fan and player apparel will be available for purchase during the season. Players are responsible for providing their own protective gear.  Skaters are required to wear a black helmet and are encouraged to wear black gloves. 

How many coaches per team?

Travel teams typically have one Head Coach, one or two Assistant Coaches, and one Team Manager.

Is there a screening process for coaches?

Our Travel coaches follow USA Hockey guidelines on training, background checks, and certifications. 



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