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  2. Click Book Sessions to view availability.
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  4. Select your Package Type.
  5. Enter the number of Sessions you would like to purchase, and follow the payment instructions. Purchases are non-refundable.  Not all Sessions have to be scheduled at the time of purchase.
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Online Registration closes 30 minutes before the start of a session.


  • Only coaches that have been granted permission by the Hockey Department may teach private hockey lessons at the Pineville Ice House.
  • A lesson must consist of one coach and only one or two skaters.
  • Group lessons with three or more students are not permitted.
  • Skaters not in a lesson have the right of way.
  • Coaches must accommodate and respect all skaters on the ice.
  • The Rink Manager may impose additional restrictions or prohibit a lesson.
  • Lessons may not monopolize goals, pucks or space.
  • Training aids such as cones or stick handling tools must be confined to the space immediately around the coach and student.

Stick & Puck


Stick and Puck provides practice ice for hockey players. Goals and pucks are provided. Stick and Puck is appropriate for all ages.

  • Skater admission is $15 and is capped at 26.
  • Goalie admission is $5 and is capped at six. 
  • Admission for Private Lesson Instructors for both skaters and goalies is $10.  Skater instructors are capped at four and goalie instructors are capped at two. 
  •  All players and coaches must check in at the admissions window before entering the rink.

RULES & Conduct

  • Full gear is recommended.  Helmet, gloves and long pants are required.  No shorts.  For more information concerning what gear is required please consult our Gear Guide.
  • Sessions are not suitable for beginning skaters. Inexperienced youth players should be accompanied  by an adult.
  • Slapshots or other hard shots are not permitted when other skaters are near the goal.
  • Full and half ice scrimmages are not permitted.
  • Small area games are permitted if they do not interfere with other skaters and are confined to one goal.
  • The Manager On Duty has full discretion to limit or prohibit any games, drills, lessons or activities which they deem unsafe or disruptive to other customers.
  • Players that disobey rules or instructions from the rink staff may be ejected from the ice and the facility without a refund.​

Always check our online schedule before coming to the rink.  Dates and times are subject to change up to the day of the event. Online schedules reflect cancellations or changes due to severe weather or maintenance issues. Dates which are more than one month out are set for planning purposes and have a higher likelihood of change. Stick & Puck sessions have attendance caps and sometimes sell out.