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Monthly Membership Cost
Figure Skating Coach$200



  • Contracts are set for twelve months.
  • A contract may be canceled without fees anytime after the first three months.
Session Availability
  • Public Skating and Freestyle sessions typically follow historic scheduling patterns.  However, the Pineville Ice House offers no guarantees regarding the times, days and frequency of these events.
  • The rink may add, cancel or change sessions up to the day of the event.  Members should always check the online schedule before coming to the rink.
  • Member admission to events is limited to sessions as published on the rink online schedule.  Clinics, classes, leagues, camps and other rink programs are not included in a membership and must be purchased separately.
Membership Cancellation
  • A Membership contract may be cancelled anytime after the first three months.
  • There is no fee for cancellation.
  • Seven days cancellation notice is required before the next billing date.
  • A cancellation must be done via email.  To cancel a membership, be sure to send your email to the appropriate customer service contact at the bottom of this page.  The email must include the member's full name and Membership type.
  • The contract cancellation is final.  Members wishing to rejoin must establish a new contract at the prevailing rate and terms.
Initiation Fee
        There is no initiation fee.  However, the first three months of Membership fees must be paid at activation.
​How To Purchase

         A link to purchase Memberships is located at the top of this page.



  • Three months Membership  fees are charged at activation.
  • After the opening three months membership charge, a Visa, MasterCard or Discover account is auto-billed monthly starting with the fourth month of membership.  The billing date each month is based on the start date of the membership.  For example, a membership activated on January 14 would be initially billed to cover the Membership through April 13.  The card would then be billed on April 14 and subsequent months at the monthly rate.
  • A Member must give the Pineville Ice House permission to securely store credit or debit card information for automatic monthly billing.
  • Members may change card numbers on file, but this information must be provided at least one week in advance of the billing date.
  • If an auto-bill transaction fails to process due to member card issues, a member will be charged a $10 fee.

Contract Start

& End


  • A contract starts on the date the first payment is made.
  • Monthly billing occurs on the same day each month (e.g. a contract started on March 18 will be subsequently billed on the 18th day of the following months.
  • The contract automatically renews on a month to month basis one year after the start date at the prevailing Membership rate (e.g. a contract started on March 18 will automatically renew on March 17 of the following year).
  • After the auto renewal, a membership may be canceled at any time.  To cancel, members must provide 15 days notice before the next billing date.
  • All members will be assigned a unique membership number.
  • All members must check in at the customer service counter upon arrival at the rink.
  • Check in procedures will consist of either a card scan or sign in sheet.
Coaching Memberships
  • Figure Skating Memberships: Kyle McIntyre, Figure Skating Director, kyle.mcintyre@pinevilleice.com
  • Hockey Coach and Public Skating Memberships: Lee Robbie, Customer Service Manager, lee.robbie@pinevilleice.com 
Family Memberships
  • Family memberships are restricted to household parents, children and siblings.
  • Children must be under age 18.
  • Legal guardians, household partners and child care providers may qualify.  Please inquire.
Customer Service Contacts
  • Figure Skating Memberships: Kyle McIntyre, Figure Skating Director, kyle.mcintyre@pinevilleice.com
  • Public Memberships: Lee Robbie, Customer Service Manager, lee.robbie@pinevilleice.com

Rink Memberships | Figure Skating & Public Skating



Click Here to Purchase

  • Memberships may be purchased online at any time.  Allow one to two business days to process and activate your Membership.  Until your Membership has been activated, you must still pay regular admission rates.

  • Your credit card will not be charged until your Membership has been activated.  You will receive an email notification when your Membership has been activated.

  • Upon activation, your card will be charged for the first three months of Membership fees.  On the fourth and remaining months of your Membership, your card will be charged the monthly rate.

  • Unless canceled by the Member, Memberships automatically renew at the prevailing rate after 12 months.  See cancel and renewal details provided in the Membership Contract table below.

  • If you are purchasing a Family Membership online, please include the name and date of birth for each participating family member under "Notes and Comments".

  • Memberships may also be purchased at the rink, Monday through Friday, between 1:00-5:00 PM.  The one to two day processing and activation period may still apply.

  • Please review the Membership Contract table below before purchasing a Membership.  By purchasing a Membership, you agree to all terms and conditions of this Contract.

Non-Members pay $7 for each admission and $3 for each skate rental.

Non-Members pay $10 per Freestyle session and $7 per Public Skating session. Coaches pay the Freestyle rate when teaching during a Public Skating Session.


     Freestyle Sessions &

     Public Skating Sessions


     Public Skating Sessions

       (Includes Rental Skates)

Monthly Membership Cost


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