400 Towne Centre Boulevard, PinevilleNC 28134, USA

Late Spring 2017

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm.
  • Eight, 60 minute classes.
  • April 18 - May 11.
  • ​Price = $195.
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Early Spring 2017

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm.
  • Eight, 60 minute classes.
  • March 14 - April 6.
  • ​Price = $195.

Instructor: Samantha Vonsiatsky

  • Member PSA, US Figure Skating CER Compliant.

  • Gold Test Medalist MIF and FS.

  • National & international competitor and show skater.

  • Professional show skating soloist, choreographer and performance Director for over ten years.

  • Understudy for Dorothy Hamill.

  • Fifteen years of coaching experience.

  • In 2013, students have collected eleven Gold Medals and five Silver Medals in Free Skating events in North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

  • Former NFL Cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers.

  • Ice Networks feature article.

  • List of professional engagements.


This class focuses on control of edges, power, posture, extension, clean lines, movement to music and choreographic steps. The goal of this class is to improve the on ice run and fluidity of the skaters as they learn to skate in unison.

The class is for skaters at levels No Test and above.  Please contact the class instructor, Samantha Vonsiatsky, if you have questions regarding eligibility for the class.

Skaters must dress in all black clothing and wear their hair in a bun. No baggy clothing is permitted.  Skaters wishing to take this class must pre-register before the start date of the class.  Walk ons are not permitted, this class is only available to skaters who have purchased the full class.

General information

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