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Sign In

& Pay

You must sign in and pay before taking the ice.  Skating without paying may result in a temporary or permanent loss of skating privileges.
Ice ResurfacingNever enter or remain on the ice during resurfacing.  The driver has many blind spots and cannot see the ice surface immediately in front of the ice resurfacer.
Prevent Collisions
  • Pay attention to other skaters.
  • Never cut off a skater in the middle of a jump or spin.
  • Keep moving at all times; standing around creates obstacles for other skaters.
  • If you fall, get up quickly unless you are injured.


& Spins

  • Unless skating your program, spins should be done in the center of the ice and jumps done at the perimeter. 
  • The ice inside the hockey face off dots is considered the "center" of the ice.
  • The ice outside of the hockey face off dots is considered the "perimeter".


Of Way

The Skater Right Of Way order is as follows:

  1. Skater in a jump or spin.
  2. Skater in a lesson and skating his or her program.
  3. Skater in a lesson.
  4. Skater not in a lesson but practicing a program.

A skater loses "in lesson" status after the first 30 minutes of his or her lesson.  Programs in full or part which dominate the ice or preclude other skaters from using the full ice surface are limited to one run through per 30 minutes of a Freestyle session.

  • Play program music in rotation with other skaters.
  • All skaters should have equal opportunities to play their music.
  • No music selection should dominate a Freestyle session.
Restricted Areas
  • Only coaches and skaters that are actively skating may be in the player boxes during Freestyle.
  • Parents and skaters not skating must remain in common spectator areas, may not stand in rink doorways and may not be in the player boxes.
BeginnersSkaters below Basic 6 must be accompanied by a coach.  Exceptions may be granted by the Skating Director. 
Proper ApparelSkaters and coaches must wear athletic, training or performance apparel.
Dirty TissuesPromptly throw away dirty tissues in trash cans located outside player benches.
Clean Up
  • At the end of a Freestyle session, remove personal belongings from player benches and boxes.
  • Throw away all trash.

Courtesy & Safety


  • Respect other skaters, coaches, rink customers and staff.
  • Reckless, rude or disruptive behavior may result in temporary or permanent suspension of skating or coaching privileges.

Always check our online schedule before coming to the rink.  Dates and times are subject to change up to the day of the event. Online schedules reflect cancellations or changes due to severe weather or maintenance issues. Dates which are one or more months out are set for planning purposes and have a higher likelihood of change. Freestyle sessions have attendance caps and sometimes sell out.  



  • Admission is a flat $10.00 for the entire session as published on the schedule below.
  • Sessions are NOT subdivided into 30 minute blocks, so you may start and end your skating anytime during the session.
  • You must check in and pay before skating.
  • Check out our Figure Skating Membership plans for coaches, skaters and families for discounted admission rates and convenient check-in privileges.


DESCRIPTION:  Freestyle sessions provide practice ice for beginner to advanced figure skaters and their coaches.

​RULES & CONDUCT:  All skaters and coaches should review the "Rules & Conduct" section at the bottom of this page before taking the ice.