• Player Draft: Registration for the Player Draft is open. 
  • B1, B2, C1 & C2 Teams: Your team will not be listed if our Captain has not yet submitted a team roster to the Hockey Director.  The roster is due no later than 24 hours after the Player Draft.  Please contact your Captain with any questions about the status of you team's roster.  All teams will be activated once the Draft is complete and rosters are set.
  • C2 Teams only: C2 teams will be limited to a maximum of two players that currently play or have played at the C1 level in Pineville.  Players that participate in leagues at other rinks which are comparable to C1 or higher may count toward the two player maximum.
  • D League: D League players do not need to attend the Player Draft unless they would like to tryout for a higher level.
Captains Meeting
Before Fall Season
Player Draft
February 14th |  10:00 PM - 11:15 PM
Roster Submission DeadlineFebruary 12th
  • The Player Draft is FREE, but you must register 24 hours prior to the start of the league.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before the Draft for check in.
  • Full gear is required.
  • Only players interested in B1, B2, C1, and C2 Leagues are required to attend the draft.
  • All players with no league history at the Pineville Ice House must attend the draft.
  • Players not selected on the night of the draft may still be placed on teams before or during the season.  In this event, the Team Captain or Hockey Director will contact the player.
  • D League players are not required to attend. 
The Roster deadline is listed above.  The Roster Count will be used to set individual player fees.  Roster changes and additions may be made after the deadline.  Failure to meet this deadline will result in the loss of the discounted captain's fee.  See notes under "player Fees" about roster additions after the deadline.  To submit your roster Click Here.
Roster CountSkater FeeCaptain & Goalie Fee
PAYMENT DEADLINE: All players must be paid in full 48 hours before the first game of the season.  Once the deadline has passed, the price will increase $25 per player or $100 per team.  Any player that has not paid his or her fee may forfeit his or her roster spot.
MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM ROSTERS: Including the goalie and captain, no team may roster fewer than 12 players or more than 16 players.

RIGHT TO ASSIGN PLAYERS OR CHANGE FEE: If all rostered players are not paid in full by the payment deadline:

  • The Hockey Director may assign undrafted or available player(s) to the team.
  • Or, the League will raise the player fee and charge paid players the fee difference. 
TEAM FEE: B1, B2, C1, C2
A team fee must be a single payment received 72 hours before the first game of the season.
Team Fee
Minimum Roster Count12
Maximum Roster Count16
The D League fee is $202 for skaters and $101 for goalies.  Scroll down or                     to see more information about D League which has a different structure than the other leagues.
B1 LeagueSundays: 5:55 PM - 10:25 PM
B2 LeagueThursdays: 7:50 PM - 10:40 PM
Wednesdays: 8:50 PM
C1 League

Mondays: 7:30 PM - 10:20 PM

Sundays: 4:30 PM

C2 LeagueTuesdays: 7:50 PM - 10:40 PM
Wednesdays: 10:15 PM
D LeagueSundays: 1:40 PM & 3:05 PM
Days and times shown may change based on the final team and player registrations or other schedule changes at the rink.  All teams may play some games on alternate days or times to accommodate holidays or scheduling irregularities. 









February - May 
May - September
September - January
Teams play about 13 - 15 weekly games which include at least one playoff game.  Teams may play additional games if they advance during playoff rounds. Players must play at least four games to be eligible for playoffs. Seasons may sometimes include more or less games due to league or rink scheduling factors. Teams play games only and do not have practices. All seasons include round robin play followed by playoffs and a league championship. Season start and end months may vary due to playoffs, holidays or other scheduling factors.  D League may run on an alternate schedule and modified format.

Highest Experience Guidelines
B1 LeagueAdvancedCollegiate | Professional
B2 LeagueLow Advanced / High IntermediateJuniors | Collegiate Club
C1 LeagueHigh Intermediate / Low IntermediateYouth Travel | High School
C2 LeagueLow Intermediate / NoviceYouth Recreational
D LeagueBeginnerNo Previous Experience
Players must play in the League appropriate to their skill and experience. Players may not be rostered on more than one team in a League. A player may participate in two different Leagues but may not may not play up or down more than one level. For example, a player may be rostered on C1 and C2 teams but could not be rostered on B2 and C2 teams. The League may limit the number of higher level players allowed on a lower level team (e.g. C1 players on C2 teams). Some players may be prohibited from playing at more than one level (e.g. a high level C1 player may not be permitted on a C2 team). Levels played in previous seasons or at other rinks may affect player eligibility for play in each League. The Hockey Director reserves the right to move players to higher or lower Leagues before or at any time during the season.

The Pineville Ice House D League is a league for beginner adult hockey players.

  • Players should be proficient forward skaters and must be in full gear. For more information concerning what gear is required, please consult our Hockey Gear Guide.
  • The league is NOT for intermediate to advanced players, and such players are not permitted in the league.
  •  The league consists of four teams, and players may be required to change team assignments during the season to keep teams even.
  •  Game Officials are contracted though Charlotte Hockey Officiating Program (CHOP).
New TeamsWhile teams and rosters generally carry forward from season to season, teams sometimes drop out or fold, and new teams are added. New teams are created through the Player Draft or by captains forming new teams. If you are interested in creating a team or adding an existing team to a League, please contact the Hockey Director.
New PlayersNew players may join a league at the start of each season by attending the League Draft or by joining an existing team. Most existing teams are looking to add one or several players at the start of each season. If you have never or have not recently played in our Adult League, it's a good idea to Join Our Mailing List to get email updates for the upcoming season. You may also contact the Hockey Director to discuss upcoming seasons and placement on a team.
Player DraftThe Player Draft is mandatory for all players with no league history at the Ice House. Full gear is required. B1 league captains draft first, followed by B2, C1 and C2 captains. D League players are assigned to teams by the Hockey Director. The Hockey Director reserves the right to assign undrafted players to teams.
  • All division games consist of three, 15 minute stopped time periods followed by a five minute, sudden death overtime period if necessary.
  • Please refer to the Adult League House Rules for details on the game format and clock.
  • Players serve penalties in accordance with the Adult League House Rules.
  • In the event of game or season suspensions, no refunds or credits are provided to players.
  • In the event of a season suspension with four or more games remaining in the season:
  • Teams may replace the suspended player with a player that has been approved by the Hockey Director.
  • The new player must be registered with USA Hockey and the rink before beginning play.
  • Only one such substitution is allowed per team per season.
  • There is no charge by the rink for this substitution so long as the team has met its team fee obligation. Teams may elect to collect from new players to reimburse suspended players.
  • The Management of the Pineville Ice House may - at our sole discretion - suspend a player for a game, games, a season, indefinitely or permanently if we feel that the player poses an extraordinary threat of injury to other players or officials or if the player’s conduct is excessively disruptive to league play. In the event of a Management directed suspension or ban, the Ice House will refund player fees after game suspensions have been served.
  • A team that forfeits more than one game in a season may affect its eligibility to participate in future seasons.

Pineville Adult League Hockey

REGISTRATION: All players must register online (recommended) or at the rink before their first game.  Players must register with the rink even if their captain is making a team payment.  Check season information above for registration and payment dates and deadlines.

MINIMUM TEAM SIZE:  If a team does not have at least 11 fully paid players or has not paid a team fee, the Hockey Director reserves the right to assign players to teams, merge teams or reject teams altogether.

CAPTAINS MEETING:  A meeting for team captains is held once a year before the fall season on the same night as the League Draft.  Each team must send its captain or a team representative.  The meeting is imperative for communicating League, USA Hockey or officiating developments.

USA HOCKEY REGISTRATION:  A USA Hockey registration must be current and on file at the time of registration. All USA Hockey registrations expire on August 31st of each year.  Players can register and pay at the following link: Register For USA Hockey.  All fees go directly to USA Hockey and provide players with supplemental insurance in the event that they are injured while playing a sanctioned League game.  Registration also provides USA Hockey membership benefits which can be reviewed at their website.

ROSTERS & JERSEYS:  Team rosters must be submitted by the roster deadline listed near the top of this page.  No player additions are permitted after game five.  All rosters are subject to approval by the Hockey Director, who reserves the right to change rosters at any time due to skill, injury, relocation or other relevant considerations.  All players must be on the team roster, and no substitutions or walk-ons are permitted.  Goalie substitutions are permitted with the Hockey Director's approval.  To play in the Playoffs, a player must play at least four regular season games.  All players must have a jersey with a number on it that is the same base color as the rest of the team.  The Ice House staff must approve all jerseys.

MISSED GAMES:  There are no refunds or credits issued for games missed due to personal conflicts or injuries.  In the event that, while playing a League game, a player sustains a serious (i.e. hospitalization required), season ending injury that is not a result of reckless play or fighting, the player may contact the Hockey Director to inquire about a possible credit toward future seasons.

ZERO TOLERANCE:  The Pineville Ice House is a USA Hockey registered facility, and all USA Hockey rules apply. Zero Tolerance is in effect, and any player that verbally or physically abuses an official, player or fan, on or off the ice, may be permanently suspended from all Pineville hockey events.

LIABILITY WAIVER:  By registering for Pineville's Adult League, you agree to the following:  "I understand that the game of hockey can be extremely dangerous, and participation in this sport could lead to serious personal injury or death. I understand that I must play at my own risk.  I hereby waive all claim, liability, loss, cost, damage, and personal injury while enrolled in the Pineville Ice House adult hockey program. I also acknowledge that the Pineville Ice House is a USA Hockey sanctioned entity.  I certify that I am 18+ years old and a current USA Hockey player/coach member in good standing for the current season.  My current USA Hockey registration number has been submitted with my enrollment or is on file with the Pineville Ice House."

If you are new to the Pineville Ice House, please review our Rules, Safety, Risks & Disclaimers.

The Pineville Adult Hockey Leagues provide recreational league hockey for players age 18 and up.  Our Leagues are designed for beginner through advanced players.  The Leagues run year round as three seasons: Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Each season is a new enrollment event.  If you are new to our Leagues, please scroll down to the General Information section to learn more.  You may also contact the Hockey Director, Nick Camp at nick.camp@pinevilleice.com, 704-661-2101 or our Assistant Hockey Director, Jared Gaudet at jared.gaudet@pinevilleice.com, 704-661-6219.

Please Join Our Mailing List to get email updates for the upcoming season. 


400 Towne Centre Boulevard, PinevilleNC 28134, USA

Adult league Draft

February 14 | 10:00 pm



OFFICIALS:  Officials for the Pineville Ice House Adult Hockey Leagues are provided by Charlotte Hockey Officiating Program ("CHOP").  CHOP provides referees for adult and youth hockey in the Charlotte area, and the organization is independent of the Pineville Ice House.  If you have complaints or comments regarding the officials, please complete the Officials Feedback Form below.